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The Art of Your Energy I, II & III


Saturday/Sunday, April 13 & 14 2024, 9:00 am PST, 12:00 pm EST, 4 hours




Learn to use the Art of Your Energy coding system.


AOYE, so far, uses the codes from Book 1. You'll need the manual, which can be purchased here:


Book 2 will be out later in 2024.


You'll also need a pendulum. If you are not a regular dowser, get used to your pendulum's energy All you need is the answer Yes/No from your pendulum.


Have a notebook and water at hand. We will take breaks during each 4-hour session.


You will receive the codes for books 


*This is a virtual class that will take place via ZOOM. You need to have a ZOOM account to participate. A .pdf file containing the link to the class will be sent when you register.

April 13 & 14 2024, The Art of Your Energy I, II & III

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