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Samhain Eve 2020

I am a guide or escort for the dead, a psychopomp. Tonight is Halloween or Samhain (end of harvest), traditionally the night when the veil between worlds is clear. I feel my Irish relatives and ancestors close to me tonight.

I am able to see, hear and feel the dead around me. I use all these ”clairs” and more in my job as an intuitive, evidential medium and energetic healer.

It is a great honor to sense that the deceased are near and be able to give a message to a grieving friend or family member who is missing a loved one.

Sometimes, the dead are not aware they have passed. I must tell them and offer assistance so they can make a decision to stay here on the earth plane or cross to where it is appropriate for them. It is ultimately their decision. There will be assistance if they want it. So many come to the rainbow bridge, animals, family and friends in spirit to welcome their people. Guides and angels and beings from all realms are there to offer assistance.

There were so many who were ready to cross the rainbow bridge tonight. I wish them deep peace, discovery and remembrance of who they truly are.

Godspeed to those who came to see me tonight.

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